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Your Path to Wellness

A Natural Approach to Healing


Complemental therapies for your well-being

 I regard each patient as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated. I believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body. Get in touch with me today to start healing your mind, body, and soul.


Deep Tissue,
Indian Head,
Holistic massages





Wellness routine

Daily stresses and anxiety at work or home, bad posture habits,  a bad night's sleep, or unfortunate injuries can cause tension in the body, creating pain and discomfort. Many of us carry out our daily lives with chronic stiffness in our bodies, affecting how we look, feel, and act. How do you look after yourself?

Nature's gift

Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to enhance our natural healing ability and well-being. The essential oils have not only beautiful scents but also amazing healing and medicinal properties.

Ancient natural therapy 

Your feet are pathways to the inner workings of the body. The feet represent a microcosm of the body,  every part of each foot corresponds to a different area of your body system.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage





Relax & Rejuvenate

In early 1930, Dr Vodder founded the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) method in Paris. This gentle, non-invasive technique is designed to help displace and remove excess fluid from the tissues by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Deep triangularity 

In our stressful living environment, we are unconsciously under tension. At this moment, as you read this, aren’t you unconsciously clenching your teeth from stress? Like the other parts of the body, such as the shoulders and neck, the face can carry tensions from physical and mental stress and trapped emotions.

Art of hands on healing

Reiki is a natural and gentle hands-on healing therapy. In simple terms, Reiki means ‘fundamental life energy’ that naturally flows through all living beings.


Nutritional Therapy

Baby's Hand

Maternity Treatments

Science of Nutrition

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The beginning of all things

During pregnancy, women experience astounding changes in their hormones, which dramatically affect them physically and emotionally. I offer massage, aromatherapy and reflexology for mothers-to-be.


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