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From £65 for 60 minutes

Relieving muscle stiffness helps the muscles regain their original function and suppleness. My body massage is renowned for deep yet gentle touch to ease tensions in the deep muscles. I combine Swedish, hands-free, sports and remedial massages to solve your problems and leave you feeling rejuvenated and soothed.


Holistic massage/ deep tissue massage

 I use various techniques for these massages, such as Trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, connective tissue release,  mobilization, lymphatic drainage, etc. The whole massage process can stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, tone muscles and increase your energy levels.


Indian Head massage

In India, massage is believed to be the most powerful way to relax and rejuvenate the body and preserve life force energy. This treatment covers not only the head area but extends to the back, neck shoulder massage to suit muscle problems in the modern lifestyle. I employ oriental methods such as acupuncture points and Reiki. You will experience deep tranquillity both physically and mentally.

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