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Tiny Feet

Maternity Treatments

From £65 for 60 minutes

During pregnancy, women experience astounding changes in their hormones, which dramatically affect them physically and emotionally. I offer massage, aromatherapy and reflexology for mothers-to-be.

These treatments (massage, aromatherapy massage and reflexology) are designed for women in the pre and postnatal period and may help promote physical and emotional wellbeing for mothers-to-be.

  • Holistic massage and aromatherapy massage may help to ease physical discomfort and reduce tension from the whole body.

  • Aromatherapy massage especially can work on an emotional level as well.

  • Reflexology gives deep relaxation and can help reduce stress. I combine a lower leg massage with reflexology which may help to reduce discomfort and pain in swollen ankles and legs.

All these treatments can help improve the flow of energy through the body and relieve physical discomfort, minimising fatigue. They are carried out with body support and comfortable positioning throughout the stage of your pregnancy.

All treatments are individual and aim to make each mother feel at her best. I help you to have a happy pregnancy and to spend your precious time peacefully.

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