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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

From £70 for 60 minutes

A light and rhythmical pressure and gentle ways of stretching the skin, this method creates a pumping action that encourages fluid movement throughout your body. Also, MLD acts on the nervous system and has a calming effect, so you will be deeply relaxed during the treatment.

What is special about MLD with me?

I combine aromatherapy with MLD to maximise the benefit of your treatment. I create your personalised essential oil blend to tackle your specific concern more deeply. A massage is performed with your blend oil first. A massage helps your body relax and encourages a smooth transition to the MLD steps. (This massage will only be applied to the local area of your concern)


What is MLD effective for?

MLD is a gentle treatment, although it has a powerful effect on the body to help restore you to a state of balance and health, and it is highly regarded.

MLD can help:

  • Relieve fluid congestion (water retention): Legs feel heavy, swollen ankles etc. ( if you have heart problems, please check with your GP first), tired puffy eyes, sinus problems etc.

  • Promote the healing: general pain, fractures and tone ligament, sprain, and lessens pain.

  • Minimising scars and keloid wounds and burns also help speed healing after cosmetic surgery and liposuction.

  • Regulate bowel movement: constipation, bloated feeling

  • Boost immune system: seasonal tiredness, fatigue

  • For face: improve skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, and dullness of skin

  • Deeply relaxing: reduce anxiety and stress.

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