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From £65 for 60 minutes

Reflexology can be said to be an effective form of therapeutic foot massage with a specific pressure technique. I start this treatment with a warming-up technique to relax the whole feet first before stimulating them and finish with a drainage massage.

Reflexology aims to treat your body as a whole. Applying comfortable pressure on precise reflex points on the feet can stimulate your body’s own healing potential (ability) to harmonize and revitalize the whole body energy and promote a sense of well being

Our lifestyle can increase sitting posture, affecting not just circulation on the legs but the whole of your body. Also, stiffness can build up in your legs and feet without you knowing it. I use a sports/remedial massage point of view, combing lower leg massage with reflexology to release tension from the lower legs and feet.

As a result, it may help improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, promote better sleep and, most importantly, can help to reduce stress.

This whole experience gives deep relaxation and can help restore your body’s balance. You may be surprised when you find that just treating the feet leaves the whole body feeling amazingly relaxed!

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