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From £70 for 60 minutes 

When essential oils are used for massage, their effect is synergised. The aroma of essential oils soothes you while your body is brought into balance. Aromatherapy can be considered a truly holistic healing art and nature’s gift for us.


What is special about aromatherapy with me?

  • Fusion of Oriental knowledge

I have a natural Oriental sense and infuse my knowledge and techniques of traditional Oriental medicine with Western methods. The traditional Oriental medicine and Western aromatherapy concepts work beautifully together and lead you into mental, emotional and physical equilibrium.

  • Your custom oil blend

For your need, physical ailment or simply with your preference aromas, the essential oils are chosen from more than 50 different kinds to make your own blend for your massage. You can take the oil left over with you and enjoy aromatherapy at home.

  • Help to heal the root causes of your concern

Stimulation ‘Tsubo = acupuncture points’ and ‘meridians = the pathways that vital energy flows through and maintains the body balance. This massage works on physical problems such as aches and pain, stiffness, tension in the muscle, etc., at the emotional level, like anxiety, frustration, feeling of depression, overthinking, and worry. When physical problems are related to mental stress, aromatherapy can work well.

Full body massage helps to harmonise your body balance from tip to toe. However, depending on your need, it can focus on your concern, and it’s still effective.

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